•Invited Speaker: “Building with Biology”
Youth STEMM Gold Awards, September 2017, University of East Anglia

•Invited Speaker: “Engineering Plant Genomes for Farming and Pharming”
Genome Science/Genome10K, Norwich, August 2017

•Invited Speaker: “Reusable DNA Parts & Modular Assembly” AND “Designing Plants with
Custom Functionalities”
Synbiosys Summer School, Copenhagen Plant Sciences Centre, Denmark, August 2017

•Speaker: “Improving the Plant Genome Engineering Toolbox”
Open Plant Forum, Cambridge, UK, July 2017

•Invited Speaker: “Designing Plants with Custom Functionalities”
Gordon Research Conference, Plant Metabolic Engineering – Plant Engineering in the Synthetic Biology Era, Waterville Valley, NH, July 2017

•Invited Speaker: “Sharing Biology in the Information Age: Perceived Threats of Dematerialisation and Open Data”
SB7.0, Singapore, June 2017

•Invited Speaker: “Building with Biology – Reusable DNA Parts & Automated Assembly”
Decoding and Recoding, Norwich Biotechnology Alliance, Earlham Institute, May 2017

• Public Communication: “Building with Biology: Synthetic Sources of Natural Products”
Norwich Science Café, Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, April 2017

• “Reusable Parts and Modular DNA Assembly”
Practical Synthetic Biology, A Global Challenges Research Fund Workshop. South Africa, February 2017

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• Invited speaker: “Synthetic Biology and 21st Century Plant Science”
Plant Genetic Resources and Sustainable Development Goals: Needs Rights and Opportunities, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, Italy, November 2016

• Invited speaker: “BluePrints for Green Biotech: The Application of Synthetic Biology to Plants”
Plant Omics and Biotechnology for Human Health, Ghent, Belgium, November 2016

•  Invited speaker: “Improving the Plant Genome Engineering Toolbox”
Genomics-Enabled Accelerated Crop Breeding, The Banbury Center, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, October 2016

•  Invited speaker: “Foundational Technologies and Standards for Engineering Plant Biology”
GarNET, Cardiff, September 2016

•  Invited seminar: “Engineering Plants for Farming and Pharming”
University of Newcastle, September 2016

•  Invited speaker: “The Earlham Plant and Microbe DNA Foundry”
5th Annual Sc2.0 and Synthetic Genomes Conference, Edinburgh, July 2016

• Invited speaker: “The Application of Synthetic Biology to Plant Genome Engineering” and “Expanding and Improving the Plant Synthetic Biology Toolbox”
International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, Gyeongju, Korea, June 2016

• Invited seminar:  “Engineering Genomes with Programmable Nucleases”
Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, March 2016

• Invited speaker: “Engineering Genomes with Programmable Nucleases”
Genome Editing Workshop, BrisSynBio, University of Bristol, March 2016

• Invited Seminar:  “Foundational Technologies and Standards for Engineering Plant Biology”
SynthSys Centre University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, October 2015

• Selected Speaker: “A Common Syntax for the Exchange of DNA parts for Plants”
Synthetic Biology UK 2015. London, September 2015

• Keynote speaker: “CRISPR: Adaptive Immunity Re-Purposed”
GarNET-OpenPlant CRISPR Workshop. Norwich, UK, September 2015

• Lecture: “Synthetic Biology and 21st century Plant Science”
TSL Plant-Microbe Interactions Summer School. Norwich, UK, August 2015

• Invited seminar: “Foundations, Principles and Standards for Engineering in Plants”
Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre (WISB). University of Warwick, Coventry, August 2015

• Invited speaker: “Principles and Standards for Engineering in Plants”
High-Value Chemicals from Plants: Harnessing the Potential of Synthetic Biology for Industrial Biotechnology,  Dunston Hall, Norwich, July 2015

• Invited speaker: “CRISPR in Crops”
The 2nd Cereal Engineering Consortium Workshop. MIT, Cambridge, MA, June 2015

• Invited speaker: “Editing Plant Genomes”
‘COST 1106’ Verona, Italy, June 2015

• Invited speaker: “The Application of Synthetic Biology to Plant Genome Engineering”
Iowa State Bioengineering Consortium ‘Genome Editing: Foundations and Applications’. Iowa State University, Ames, April 2015

• Speaker: “Why are we still talking about Gender Equality?”
ResNET Conversation Café, UEA, Norwich, UK, February 2015

• Invited speaker: “Precision Genome Engineering”
Synthetic Biology Congress. London, UK, October 2014

• Invited seminar: “Gene Transfer – Synthetic Biologists do it better”
The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC). Norwich, UK, August 2014

• Invited speaker: “Top-down Genome Engineering”
The 1st Cereal Engineering Consortium Workshop. Dunston Hall, Norwich, UK, June 2014

• Invited Speaker: “Gene Transfer – Synthetic Biologists do it better”
PiCLS 2014 – The Future of Science. University of Dundee, Dundee, UK, June 2014

• Selected Speaker: “A Golden Gate Modular Cloning Toolbox for Plants”
UK Plant Sciences 2014. York, UK, May 2014

• Invited Speaker: “Open Synthetic Biology”
Genetic Resources Repository for Plant Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology’ (PlantEngine COST Meeting). VTT, Helsinki, Finland, May 2014