Nicola Patron
Group Leader

Nicola Patron is the Engineering Plant Biology group leader. Nicola has a PhD in plant molecular biology and pursued postdoctoral research at The John Innes Centre and The University of British Columbia. Outside of the lab, Nicola enjoys a range of outdoor activities and mountain sports, travel and photography.



We are looking for an enthusiastic post-doctoral scientist to work on an exciting new project aiming for bio-based production of insect sex pheromones. Contact Nicola for more details, or read more about the position and submit an application HERE. Apply by February 20th, 2018.


Yaomin Cai, 2017-
Postdoctoral Scientist
Rational Design of Plant Gene Regulation
Collaborators: Wilfried Haerty
Funding: BBSRC (BB/CSP17270/1)

Quentin Dudley, 2017-
Postdoctoral Scientist
An improved bioproduction system for proteins and small molecules
Collaborators: Sarah O’Connor (John Innes Centre), Fernando Geu Flores (University of Copenhagen)
Funding: BBSRC (BB/P010490/1)

Oleg Raitskin, 2016-
Open Plant Postdoctoral Scientist
Genome Engineering in Plants
Funding:OpenPlant Research Centre (BBSRC/EPSRC) BB/L014130/1

Sharon Mithoe, 2017 – 
Visiting Scientist
Collaborators: Amit Sachdeva (UEA), George Lomonnossoff (John Innes Centre)
Engineering novel proteins

Henry Tidd, 2017 –
MSc. Student
Engineering plants with synthetic, programmable transcription factors


Ting Yang, 2017  
Visiting Scientist, University of Copenhagen
Improving the plant production chassis

Amanda Salzman,  2017
MSc. Student
Controlling Relative Gene Expression with Tuneable, Orthologous, Regulatory Elements & Boolean Logic

Nathalia Volpi e Silva, 2016-2017
FAPESP Fellow, University of Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Genome Engineering to Elucidate Carbon Flux in the Lignin Biosynthetic Pathway

Anthony West,  2017
Automation Specialist
High-throughput, Automated DNA Assembly at Nanoscales
Collaborators: Jim Haseloff (University of Cambridge), Earlham DNA Foundry, Liverpool GeneMill
Funding: BBSRC (BB/CCG1720/1)