Our Research


The field of bioengineering is underpinned by our ability to assembly bespoke and complex DNA molecules at scale.  In 2015, we led the establishment of a common genetic syntax for the exchange of DNA parts for plants. We have also worked with the iGEM Foundation to introduce a PhytoBrick standard. We are working to push the limits of the size and scale of DNA assembly and have recently automated the fabrication of large DNA assemblies in sub-microliter volumes at the Earlham DNA Foundry. This has been coupled to validation using next-generation sequencing technologies.

People: Tony West, Oleg Raitskin
Collaborators: Earlham DNA Foundry, Liverpool GeneMill, Jim Haseloff (University of Cambridge), Fernan Federici (PUC, Chile)
Funding: BBSRC (BB/CCG1720/1)